Reverend Boyd Glenan


High Concept: Berühmtheiten imitierender Pfarrer
Trouble: Eingeweihter Priester
Andere Aspekte: Zufällig in der Gegend gewesen; Meine Kirche ist meine Festung


  • Superb (+5): Conviction
  • Great (+4): Performance, Empathy
  • Good (+3): Discipline, Lore, Scholarship, Presence, Rapport
  • Fair (+2): Athletics, Alertness, Fists, Investigation
  • Average (+1): Contacts, Endurance
    (meisten anderen Fertigkeiten auf Average, Mediocre)


  • Blessed Words (Conviction): Glenan’s faith is rock-solid, and obvious to those who would
    do him harm. He may use his Conviction skill for Block actions in physical conflict.
  • Impersonator (Performance): Given a few hours to study someone’s behavior and modes of speech, Rev. Boyd Glenan may imitate their mannerisms and voice, using Performance instead of Deceit to convince someone he is that person. Without strongly controlling the circumstances (e.g., impersonating someone over the phone), such impersonations won’t last very long. If combined with the Makeup Artist stunt (page 151) and plenty of preparation, he may use either Performance or Deceit to pull off a full impersonation, using the better skill for all relevant rolls and getting a +1 against Investigation rolls trying to penetrate the disguise.
  • Counselor (Empathy): Glenan’s skill can be used to justify another character’s recovery from moderate or severe social or mental consequences, provided he’s able to provide them the full extent of his services as a counselour.


  • Bless This House [-1]
  • Guide My Hand [-1]


  • Mental: OOOO, +1 mild consequence
  • Physical: OOO
  • Social: OOOO

Refresh: -5

  • Is the Face of: (Hochzeitskapelle der) First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Las Vegas ; schöne Seite der Stadt
  • Motivation: Leuten helfen, freut sich Leute zu vermählen
  • Beziehungen zu: Camellia Manly, Yana Perez, Opfer der Stadt
  • Imitationen: Elvis, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Ali; alte schwarze Jazz- und Blues- Musiker; schwarze Schauspieler
  • bißchen irre, sehr gutes Herz
  • wahrhaft Gläubiger

Reverend Boyd Glenan

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