Eric Manly


High Concept: Strippender Undercover-Cop
Trouble: Wo ist meine Schwester Camellia?
Andere Aspekte: Es dürfen nicht noch mehr Personen leiden; Tot Sexy; Tappt im Dunkeln


  • Great (+4): Conviction, Investigation
  • Good (+3): Athletics, Endurance, Guns, Performance
  • Fair (+2): Alertness, Discipline, Driving, Fists, Presence, Stealth
  • Average (+1): Burglary, Contacts, Intimidation, Scholarship, Empathy, Rapport


  • Police Ties (Contacts): +2 with Contacts when dealing with other cops.
  • Hard Boiled (Discipline): +2 to Discipline rolls defending against mental attacks and maneuvers.
  • Pin Them Down (Guns): When Aiming (page 131), the aspect Eric places on the target(s) cannot be removed so long as they do not move out of the zone, and any attempts to leave the zone face an increased border (page 212) of 1 as long as Eric continuea to make Guns attacks against that target.
  • Pin the Tail (Investigation): Eric is a tough person to shake once he gets on someone’s trail. He gains +2 to his Investigation rolls when trying to keep track of a target during Surveillance (page 133). When Shadowing someone using Stealth, he may use Investigation to complement (page 214) his Stealth skill.
  • Scene of the Crime (Investigation): Eric has a practiced eye when combing over a crime scene. In such a circumstance, he gains +1 to his Investigation roll and arrives at his findings one step faster than usual on the time table (page 315).
  • Impersonator (Performance): Given a few hours to study someone’s behavior and modes of speech, Eric may imitate their mannerisms and voice, using Performance instead of Deceit to convince someone he is that person. Without strongly controlling the circumstances (e.g., impersonating someone over the phone), such impersonations won’t last very long. If combined with the Makeup Artist stunt (page 151) and plenty of preparation, he may use either Performance or Deceit to pull off a full impersonation, using the better skill for all relevant rolls and getting a +1 against Investigation rolls trying to penetrate the
  • Sex Appeal (Rapport): Folks attracted to people of Eric’s gender cannot help but notice him. He’s got “it.” He receives a +2 to the roll on any seduction attempts he makes with Rapport, provided that the target is someone who could be receptive to his advances.


  • Mental: OOOO
  • Physical: OOOO
  • Social: OOO

Refresh: -5 (Pure Mortal)

  • Bruder von Camellia Manly
  • Is the Face of: die schöne, reiche, dekadente Seite von Las Vegas
  • Motivation: meine Schwester finden; die Stadt besser machen
  • Beziehungen zu: Camellia Manly, Chrtysantha, Las Vegas Police Department, Nahrin’s Charakter
  • Tappt im Dunkeln: weiß nichts vom Übernatürlichen, glaubt nicht dran, kommt damit aber unbemerkt in Berührung
  • Detective bei Tag/ Stripper bei Nacht, Geld als Detective reicht nicht ganz, wird hauptsächlich für Jungesellinnen-Parties u.ä. gebucht
  • arbeitet als Detective hauptsächlich als verdeckter Ermittler

Eric Manly

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