High Concept: Unermüdliche 24-Stunden-Bardame und Tänzerin
Andere Aspekte: Mehr als eine Barkeeperin, Besitzerin des Lucky Star Casino – Hotel – Bar


  • Great (+4): Contacts, Rapport
  • Good (+3): Deceit, Endurance, Performance, Presence
  • Fair (+2): Alertness, Conviction, Empathy, Intimidation
  • Average (+1): Athletics, Discipline, Fists, Lore, Ressources


  • Ear To The Ground (Contacts): Chrysantha has herfingers on the pulse of things, with plenty of friends who can give her a heads up. The difficulty of any Getting the Tip-Off (page 124) roll is reduced by two.
  • I Know Just the Guy (Contacts): When CHrysatha is looking to gather some information from her network of contacts, she has unerring instincts for finding the right person, fast. When using the Gathering Information trapping (page 123), her efforts are at a +1 and are 1 time increment(page 315)faster.
  • Rumormonger (Contacts): Chrysantha knows exactly how to get the word out, gaining a +2 on her efforts to spread rumors.
  • The Social Graces_: Keen awareness of the ebb and flow of social situations makes Chrysantha the master of her circumstances. When determining initiative in a social conflict, she gains +2 to Empathy.
  • Tireless (Endurance): Chrysantha’s Endurance is considered Fantastic whenever Endurance might restrict, complement, or otherwise modify another skill (page 214). This has no effect when Endurance is rolled directly, however.
  • Let Me Tell You a Story… (Rapport): Chrysantha has the gift of gab, able to draw the attention of others with colorful words and stories. This tends to leave her audience distracted. She may use Rapport instead of Deceit in order to mount a distraction (page 126), so long as she is able to talk to her targets.
  • Sex Appeal(Rapport): Folks attracted to people of Chrysanth’s gender cannot help but notice her. She’s got “it.” She receives a +2 to the roll on any seduction attempts she makes with Rapport, provided that the target is someone who could be receptive to her advances.


  • Mental: OOO
  • Physical: OOOO
  • Social: OOOO

Refresh: -5 (Pure Mortal)

  • echter Name: Huong Lan
  • Besitzerin des Lucky Star Casino – Hotel – Bar (Is the Face of), das als eine Art Neutraler Boden in der Stadt fungiert (d.h. gewalttätige Konflikte werden draußen ausgetragen)
  • Motivation: besten Service in ihrem Casino liefern, ihr Casino wieder zu seinem alten Ruhm und Glanz verhelfen
  • Beziehungen zu: Yana Perez (oberflächlich), Nahrin’s Char, Touristen (hauptsächlich, die mit nicht ganz so viel Geld), Spielsüchtige, Bar-Besucher; hat Kontakt zu fast jedem bzw. weiß über fast jeden Etwas (Sterbliche und Übernatürliche)
  • Vietnamesin
  • organisiert Underground Fighting Matches mit


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